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Burns Statue Leith

Burns Statue Leith

David Watson Stevenson (1842-1904), was responsible for the lively bronze figure which was unveiled at Leith on 15th October 1898.

Standing three metres high on an elaborately carved pedestal, it shows Burns in tail coat and breeches striding forward.

Bronze roundels and panels were subsequently added to the pedestal by various private individuals. At the front there is a bas-relief of The Cotter's Saturday Night', while, at the rear, there is a panel showing 'Death and Dr Hornbook'. On the right is a scene from 'Hallowe'en' while the left side shows a scene representing

When Vulcan gi'es his bellows breath
An ploughmen gather wi their graith

A replica of this statue was subsequently erected in the Walker Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 13th January 1901 and another was unveiled in Toronto's Allan Gardens on 21st July 1902.

The latter has a grey granite pedestal decorated with four bronze panels sculpted by the local artist, Emmanuel Hahn, best-known for designing Canada's canoe dollars. These panels show scenes from 'The Cotter', 'Tam o Shanter', 'To a Mouse' and 'John Anderson my Jo'.

Burns Statue Toronto

Burns Statue Toronto

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