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Monuments and Memorials
Robert Burns
around the world.

Statues of Robert Burns are to be found in Scotland, England, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, not to mention plaques and roundels, panels in low and high relief, and busts in bronze, wood, plaster or marble. The monuments erected in many parts of the world to Robert Burns are the most tangible and enduring medium in which the poet's memory has been kept alive.

I would welcome any digital photographs of any of these monuments ( or improvements ) for use on the relevant pages.

Burns Statue Aberdeen.

Burns Statue Adelaide.

Burns Monument and Statue, Alloway.

Burns Statue, Ayr.

For the Statues at Melbourne,
Winnipeg see the Burns Statue, Ayr, page.

Burns Statue, Ayr.

Burns Statue, Ballarat.

Burns Statue, Barre and Pittsburgh.

Burns Statue, Boston.

Burns Statue, Brisbane.

For the Statues at St Louis, Missouri
and Hokitika, New Zealand
see the Burns Statue, Brisbane, page.

Burns Statue, Brisbane.

Burns Statue, Camperdown.

Burns Statue, Denver.

For the Statues at Chicago
Fredericton, New Brunswick,
and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
see the Burns Statue, Denver, page.

Burns Statue, Denver.

Dumfries Mausoleum and Statue.

Burns Statue, Dundee.

Burns Statue, Dunedin.

Burns Monument and Statue, Edinburgh.

Burns Statue, Glasgow.

Burns Statue, Irvine.

Burns Statue at Eglinton Park, Irvine can also be seen here.

Burns Monument, Kilmarnock.

Burns Statue, Leith.

For the Statues at Toronto, Canada,
and Newcastle upon Tyne see the Burns Statue, Leith, page.

Burns Statue, Leith.

Burns Statue, London.

Burns Statue, Montrose.

For information on the Statues in Arbroath
and Cheyenne, Wyoming
see the Burns Statue, Montrose, page.

Burns Statue, Montrose.

Burns Statue, New York.

Burns Statue, Paisley.

For the Statues at Sydney, Australia,
and Auckland New Zealand see the Burns Statue, Paisley, page.

Burns Statue, Paisley.

Burns Statue, San Francisco.

Burns Statue, Stirling.

Burns Statue, Timaru, New Zealand.

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