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David Sibbald
presents and performs
The Greatest Poems in the World
The Greatest Love Poems in the World
and NEW
Robert Burns. A Memory.

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The third CD is now available. "Robert Burns. A Memory".

CD Cover

This is a tribute, in word and song, to Robert Burns, Scotland's National Bard, who throughout the centuries has touched the hearts of millions of people throughout the globe.
The songs are presented by Alastair McDonald.
The words and poems by David Sibbald.

Alastair McDonald - guitar/banjo/percussion
Clark Sorley - bass guitar/keyboard
Ronnie Rae - bass
Murray Smith - drums

The story of Robert Burns narrated by David Sibbald.
Arranged and sung by Alastair McDonald, Published by Corban Music.

1. The Brow Well. John Anderson. My Father was a Farmer.
2. A Childhood. Handsome Nell.
3. An Honest Heart. Now Westlin' Winds.
4. Lochlie and Irvine. Corn Riggs.
5. The Kilmarnock Volume. Will ye go to the Indies. From Thee Eliza ( Poem ).
6. Edinburgh. Mary Morison.
7. A Way With Words. A Man's a Man.
8. Burns Destiny. My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose.
9. Mysterious Burns. The Lea Rig.
10. Caledonia's Bard. Killiecrankie.
11. Heritage and Culture. Parcel of Rogues. Scots Wha Hae ( Poem ).
12. Worldwide Success. The De'ils Awa Wi' Th'Exciseman.
13. Final Weeks. The Tree of Liberty.
14. The Fight for Freedom. To A Mouse ( Poem ).
15. Burns Legacy. O Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast.

Running time - 58 minutes 32 seconds

The cost of this CD is 12.95
Plus postage and packing.
1.55 for the U.K. 3.05 Overseas.

The Second CD - The Greatest Love Poems in the World
Approx 70 minutes of listening.

CD Cover

I have had numerous requests to create a follow up CD to The Greatest Poems in the World

This has now come to fruition.

The Greatest Love Poems in the World contains many of Robert Burns' best known songs which are full of a passionate intensity and emotion. These tracks will move you and touch your heart by the sincerity and feeling conveyed by each one.

As with the previous CD each love poem has an introduction and explanation about the song. I call these the Love Poems because they are not sung but recited. In some instances when the songs are sung, albeit to beautiful melodies, the words can be lost.

The melodies are still there, though, as Eileen Hunter has added magnificent accompaniment to these.

The CD contains 25 tracks.
1. Introduction
2. My Luve is Like a Red, Red, Rose
3. James Johnson
4. Corn Rigs
5. George Thomson
6. Mary Morison
7. Green Grow the Rashes O
8. The Birks of Aberfeldie
9. And I'll Kiss Thee Yet
10. The Winter it is Past
11. Of a' the Airts
12. O Were I on Parnassus Hill
13. The Silver Tassie
14. Sweet Afton
15. To Mary in Heaven
16. Ay Waukin O
17. Thou Gloomy December
18. The Posie
19. The Lea Rig
20. Ca' the Yowes
21. My Nanie's Awa
22. Their Groves o' Sweet Myrtle
23. Lassie wi' the Lint White Locks
24. O Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast
25. Ae Fond Kiss

The cost of this CD is 12.95
Plus postage and packing.
1.55 for the U.K. 3.05 Overseas.

Red Rose Video from the new CD.

2 CD Set
The Greatest Poems in the World
Over 80 minutes of listening.

CD Cover

As featured in the Burns Chronicle.
The Official magazine of the World Federation of Burns Clubs.

Also fully featured in the Scots Heritage Magazine.

The Scots Magazine.

and Scottish Memories.

I have also written a book on the Haggis Club History.
Drop me an email if you wish more information or order through the secure form.

Visit the secure site for ordering.

I have been involved in an exciting project, working with top personnel, to produce a CD of Burns poems.
It has naturally expanded into a 2 CD set.
This double CD contains many of Burns best known poems plus a few that may be not so well known but all of which should entertain, amuse, educate, be nostalgic or even be thoughtful.
The CDs are full Dolby and sound surround.

This is not to be compared to the voice pages elsewhere on this site as these have been stripped down to load quickly.
Furthermore they are atmospheric with additional sound effects.

Listen to the wind uprooting the mouse in her nest.
Feel the fear and excitement as Tam O'Shanter tries to outrun the witches in the race to the brig.
Enjoy the fun of Tam Samson's Elegy or Captain Grose's Peregrinations
Quake at the wrath of Holy Willie's Prayer.
Listen to these poems in a new light as never before.

A full listing of the contents and tracks can be found lower down this page.

The cost of this CD is 19.95
Plus postage and packing.
1.55 for the U.K. 3.05 Overseas.

Listen to an excerpt from
Tam O'Shanter

Or watch a Video of
To a Mouse.

Auld Lang Syne.

Or A Parcel of Rogues.

These words are taken from the CD.

There are many editions of Burns songs but few productions which feature his poems.

In order to make the poems more accessible to a wider audience I have prefixed each poem with a little explanation or have expanded a thought that Burns was trying to put across.

I have included a lot of background atmosphere plus some fiddle and bagpipe playing so that the poems come even more to life.

I think that this makes this CD unique. I have never heard anything else quite like it and it is fast becoming the standard work of its kind against which all others will be measured. The fact that top personnel are involved who are also excited by this makes it even more special for me.
The sound engineer has added special effects to give greater emphasis to the words and to make this a more enjoyable listening experience. This has been done thoughtfully and some poems have no sound effects where this would have detracted from Burns words.

It is a work which is equally suited for home pleasure listening, or for people who have been asked to recite at Burns Suppers and wish to hear the pronunciation. It is also ideal for school education and university needs.

I wish you many hours of pleasurable listening. If you are interested then please e-mail me, address at foot of this page, or visit the on-line store.

CD Cover

CD 1 The Greatest Poems in the World by Robert Burns
Presented and Performed by David Sibbald

Track 1. Introduction
Track 2. To a Mouse
Track 3. Introduction
Track 4. Death and Dr Hornbook
Track 5. Introduction
Track 6. The Address to the Unco Guid
Track 7. Introduction
Track 8. To a Louse
Track 9. Introduction
Track 10. Is There for Honest Poverty.
Track 11. Introduction
Track 12. Captain Grose’s Peregrinations
Track 13. Introduction
Track 14. Tam o’Shanter

CD 2 The Greatest Poems in the World by Robert Burns
Presented and Performed by David Sibbald

Track 1. Introduction
Track 2. Holy Willie’s Prayer
Track 3. Intro and To a Haggis
Track 4. Introduction
Track 5. To the Rev. John McMath
Track 6. Introduction
Track 7. Tam Samson’s Elegy
Track 8. Introduction
Track 9. Epistle to Davie ( verses 1-5 )
Track 10. Introduction and Willie Wastle
Track 11. Introduction
Track 12. A Parcel of Rogues
Track 13. Introduction
Track 14. Auld Lang Syne
Track 15. Finale.

Thanks are due to following
The Glasgow Haggis Club, ( President in 1990 ) for their encouragement and especially to Crispin Allen to whom I dedicate this CD.
To the Glasgow and District Association of Burns Clubs of which I was President in 1996.
To John Murdoch for teaching Burns and for being an ancestor of mine.
Nearer home thanks to
Margaret for her faith and support.
Alistair Miller of AMTV ( Producer ) for his constant effort and ideas.
Brian Paterson ( Dubbing Mix ) for twiddling the knobs and without whom this CD would never have made it.
Andy Morris ( String Arranging ) Fiddle and Viola
Robert Russell for his piping.
Jan for technical support and software.

Some Revues

My thoughts about the David Sibbald "Burns 2-set CD"
Janet Deaver-Molyneaux of Charlotte, North Carolina


As an American of Scottish ancestry, my heart was thrilled and my soul soared as I listened to the first few minutes of "The Greatest Poems in the World" when I opened my package from Stirling! Later that evening, I shut off the lights and listened to both CD's. David Sibbald's rendition is a treasure. If you are a collector of Robert Burns' poetry and song then this set is a must for your library! Until I heard this particular interpretation, I only "thought" I understood Robert's words. For me, none of the meaning came through until I listened to David as he performed from his heart these wonderful words, which will last forever." Through David Sibbald, Robert Burns speaks to all people of all centuries!

Margaret Sinclair. Canada.
Well done! I think Burns would be pleased at your passionate readings of his poetry - I am enjoying the CD's very much. I also loved the fiddle and the pipes (and other sound effects) - they added to the reading without being over done. The background you gave to the poems was especially appreciated - because although I grew up with my grandparents celebrating Burns Day - faithfully - and with a large portrait of him gracing their kitchen - I don't know nearly enough about the man and the events that gave rise to the poems.

Sheriff J. Irvine Smith.
It is an admirable selection and I have found in ample measure all I expected to find. The guid Scots tongue, spoken with accuracy, with fluency, with meaning, with sincerity, with confidence and entirely complimented by the judicious use of it's music.

Helen Morrison. Robert Burns Federation.
Superb. I bought this at a Burns Supper. Came home at 2 a.m. and thought I would listen to a track but had to play both CD's. It is gripping.

Bill Baillie. Falkirk.
The CD's are great, particularly the introductions you have done to each poem. Understanding the thoughts and origins behind his work makes it a lot easier to get involved in.

George Hopkins. Australia.
A superb piece of work. To sit down and listen to one or two tracks is like sitting down to only one glass of Lagavulin Whisky. It's just not possible. You have to keep going until you've had your fill.

The cost is 19.95 per set
Plus postage and packing.
1.55 for the U.K. 3.05 Overseas.

Available at the following outlets
Burns Heritage Park, Alloway.
Tam O'Shanter Experience. Alloway.
Burns Cottage, Alloway.
The Globe Inn, Dumfries.
Burns House, Dumfries.
The Observatory Museum, Dumfries.
Culzean Castle, National Trust Shop
The Smith Museum and Art Gallery, Stirling.
Europa Music, Friar's Street, Stirling.
Micro Movies, Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Or Visit this secure site for ordering.

I also have a limited selection of quality Greetings Cards in two styles.
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The Posie..PosieBack
They are blank inside for your own greeting but the back cover of the Posie has an explanation of the poem and 3 verses. The card shows a reproduction of a water colour painted by Peggy Edwards and contains all the flowers and blooms mentioned in the poem.

The second Card shows a photograph of a Hawthorn on the front and has a drawing, again by Peggy Edwards of a Hawthorn on the back cover.


This is blank inside for your your own greeting or letter and comes complete with envelope and protective cover.

The price for either is 15 for 10 cards.
This includes Postage and Packing for the U.K.

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