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A Leadership Seminar.

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A Leadership Seminar.

This Leadership seminar intertwines the life and work of the Poet Robert Burns with recent Harvard Business School research on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.
This is a proven process through which leaders can learn to
.Assess, develop and sustain personal Emotional Intelligence through time.
.Inspire and motivate people.
.Cultivate resonant leadership throughout teams and organisations.
.Leverage resonance to increase bottom-line performance.

This course still allows scope for differing leadership styles and can easily be incorporated into your own particular style.

Through Burns experience we learn how to:
Develop our own self awareness and identify priorities in life and work.
Manage ourselves - develop tenacity, tact and talk to maintain focus in challenging times.
Know our environment, developing our own ability to tune into people and situations around us.
Manage relationships, build and sustain meaningful relationships, inspire and develop others.

These 4 areas. Knowing and managing ourselves, our environment and our relationships have been identified by Daniel Goleman of Harvard University as fundamental characteristics of emotionally intelligent Leaders. His work on Emotional Intelligence was ground breaking, in that it explained what most of us have known for years that being really intelligent doesn’t always equate with being a great leader.

Goleman’s initial work was published 6 years ago and in it he demonstrated that there was another kind of intelligence, Emotional Intelligence. He argued that our view of intelligence was far too narrow and that our emotions play a far greater role in thought, decision making and individual success than is commonly acknowledged.

Emotional Intelligence includes self-awareness and impulse control, persistence, zeal and motivation, empathy and social deftness. These are the qualities that mark people who excel; who’s relationships flourish, who are the stars in the workplace.

Following his stars in the workplace theory, Goleman turned his attention to Leaders and World Class organisations and asked "What is the difference that makes the difference." He says quite simply that great Leaders move us - it works through the emotions. Few would argue that Burns worked through the emotions or had the ability to move us. Burns is renowned for his fundamental faith in human decency, loathing of hypocrisy and deep mistrust of pomposity of rank and the danger of wealth and power.
Leadership values are espoused today as companies try to connect with their customers and employees at an emotional level.

Why is this important.

It is important because people do not leave bad jobs. They leave bad managers. As attracting, focusing and keeping talented staff is becoming increasingly challenging for organisations, this issue is coming to the forefront of organisational thinking.

What is a Leader
New leaders need to be inspired and be inspiring.
New leaders need to be ordinary human beings with extraordinary talents.
New leaders need to find and hold a vision and enthuse others to share that vision.
New leaders need to manage creatively the emotional impact of change.
New leaders need to be values driven and ethical.

Leadership has nothing to do with a particular position in some organisational hierarchy. Nor is it a characteristic confined to a few forceful, charismatic men and women. We follow people because they are worth following for what they say and do.

Drawing on the life and works of Robert Burns, this is an inspiring Leadership Programme. The programme will enable us to understand Burns life, works and philosophy and in doing so, discover our own.

Leaders need to be more creative than most, and creativity is largely a discovery, a push into the uncharted and the unknown. Every once in a while a leader finds himself having to think like a scientist an artist or a poet.

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