David Sibbald
Tribute to Robert Burns

David Sibbald Gie me ae spark o' Nature's fire,
That's a' the learning I desire,
Then, tho' I drudge thro' dub an' mire
At pleugh or cart,
My Muse, tho' hamely in attire,
May touch the heart.

David Sibbald

After Dinner Speaker and Entertainer

David Sibbald
6 Brentham Crescent
Stirling FK8 2AZ

Tel : 01786 474204 Mobile 07831 363379 Fax 01786 475461

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1. Personal Details

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Personal Details
I have presented and performed on the CDs
The Greatest Poems in the World by Robert Burns (2 CD set)
The Greatest Love Poems in the World.
Robert Burns, A Memory ( with Alastair McDonald ).
Information on my CD of poems here.

Past President of the Glasgow Haggis Club.
Past President of the Glasgow and District Burns Association. President In 1996 (the 200th anniversary of Burns' death).
Honorary President of Greenock Burns Club, the Mother Club, dating back to 1801.
Honorary member of Eaglesham Burns Club.
Former Director of the Jean Armour Burns Houses and now a Director of the Jean Armour Burns Trust.
Past Director of Burns House Mauchline Tryst Ltd - Museum. Was involved in the 500,000 restoration and the subsequent sale to East Ayrshire Council in 2003.
Founder member and past President of the Rotary Club of Carse of Stirling.
Member Incorporation of Tailors.
Freeman Citizen of Glasgow (but that does not entitle me to park on yellow lines).

The Burns Circuit.
I am a member of the Robert Burns Guild of Speakers.
Established speaker appearing at many prestigious dinners.
Presented in both hemispheres and on both sides of the Atlantic.
Well known for renditions of poetry.
Spoken at over 300 Burns Suppers.
Proposed the Immortal Memory in George Square, Glasgow, for the Homecoming year to an audience of thousands.
Spoke at the first Burns Supper on board the Britannia (unfortunately the Queen could not make it that night).

Wit of the Year Award.
Various medals, certificates and quaichs for poetry competitions.

Media Appearances.
TV appearances on BBC, Channel 4 and ITN worldwide.
Interviewed on Burns on Radio 4, Radio Lancashire, Dublin Radio and also for BBC Radio Newcastle (who did not understand a word) and for Radio Bis, Poland (who understood every word).
Recorded Burns poems on tape for the National Institute of the Blind.
Was the voice behind the video and viral advert for Hall's Haggis, the world's largest producer of Haggis.
Assisted Linn Records market the Complete Works of Burns Songs.

Compiled and published a History of the Glasgow Haggis Club.
Contributor of a piece entitled in the book, Touched by Burns by Andy Hall.
Articles titled The Botany of Burns and Burns Illuminated published in the Homecoming 2009 hardback edition of The Burns Chronicle.
Compiled the Daily Record and Sunday Mail booklet "Songs and Verse for a Burns Supper" (10,000 copies sold in 4 weeks - due to the fact that they were only 25p and that the papers provided free advertising space.)

Direct descendant on mother's side of John Murdoch who was Burns' tutor.

Attempting to play golf.
Collecting Scots Poetry.
Administering the website www.robertburns.plus.com
Geocaching around the World.

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Immortal Memory
A personal insight into the man, his life, his works, his ideals, his poetry and songs.
A moving tribute to Scotland's most famous son.

Speakers Dinners
I have spoken at a range of venues throughout the U.K.
The spoken word can inspire and motivate, enlighten and influence, humour and delight. It can be delivered with great passion and fury, humility, modesty and wit. That is why I believe that it is what you say and the way that you say it, that is all important - in other words a powerful message delivered passionately, intelligently and with humour can create that emotional connection with the audience that is necessary to inspire compassion and foster understanding.
Functions at which I am delighted to be involved include awards ceremonies, conferences, seminars, sports dinners, product launches, business lunches and private functions.

I also have access to top quality speakers and singers to enable me to provide the complete package of entertainment for your function.

Burns'n'Business. A Leadership Seminar.
This Leadership seminar intertwines the life and work of the Poet Robert Burns with recent Harvard Business School research on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.
Using Burns' life, work and words, we search for meaning and lessons on leadership roles in the world today.

The Toast to the Lassies
Well. Of course this speech is included also. My wife told me to include this!!!!!

Recitations of an unforgettable Tam o'Shanter, various other Burns poems and/or a host humorous Scots poems.

Golf Clubs
With so many Golf Clubs approaching their centenary year and looking for something special for that evening, this speech may be the perfect choice. Since golf originated in Scotland it stands to reason that the earliest poems about the sport would also emanate from Scotland. I have unearthed many interesting facts about the rules, origins and idiosyncrasies of the game. I have also discovered not only the first mention of golf in a poem but the very first poem ever written about the game of golf. This talk is an interesting and entertaining presentation about the game of golf with a different content than the usual golf stories one hears. If you are interested in golf then you should not miss the opportunity to hear this speech.

Tam o'Shanter Slides
I also have presentation slides of Tam o'Shanter.These slides are in cartoon form and were drawn by Joseph Denham Shearer.

Shearer Icon The Art Of Joseph Shearer

Joseph Shearer was an illustrator for the Disney Corporation and was involved in most of their big blockbuster cartoon films. He later became head illustrator for Hanna Barbera and was involved with Scooby Doo and a later series of the Flintstones in the 1970s. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear the poem with visual effects, most of which are hilarious. Seeing these illustrations is an unforgettable visual experience. Joseph Denham Shearer has kindly granted permission to display these slides on this web site.

In the Tavern

The night drave on wi' sangs and clatter,
And aye the ale was was growing better,
The landlady and Tam grew gracious,
Wi' favours, secret, sweet and precious.

The Storm Blew

Weel mounted on his gray mare, Meg
A better never lifted leg
Tam skelpit on thro' dub and mire,
Despising wind, and rain, and fire.

Kirk Alloway was drawing nigh

When glimmering thro' the groaning trees
Kirk Alloway seem'd in a bleeze
Thro' ilka bore the beams were glancing
And loud resounded mirth and dancing

And left behind her ain grey tail

But ere the key-stane she could make,
The fient a tail she had to shake!
For Nannie, far before the rest,
Hard upon noble Maggie prest.

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