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2009 has been designated as the Year of The Homecoming.

Homecoming Scotland is being held again on 2014. A year long celebration of a unique modern nation - be there! Homecoming 2009 was a great success held in honour of the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns birth.

Why 2014? The year has been picked not only because of the success of 2009 but 2014 marks many important dates in the Scottish Diary.
It is the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. The Ryder Cup will be held at Gleneagles. The Commonwealth Games will take place in Glasgow and surrounding districts. For these reasons there will be a lot of tourists coming to Scotland anyweay so lets build on that and make this another bumper year.

In 2014 you are invited to celebrate in Scotland. Whether you live here, are part of our extended global family, or maybe you just love Scotland, join in the 2014 celebrations.

2014 will be a celebration of not only Robert Burns but some of Scotland's great contributions to the world: Burns, Golf, Whisky, The Scottish Enlightenment and Innovation, as well as our rich culture and heritage which lives on at home and through the many people of Scots descent who live outwith our shores.

The Homecoming Scotland programme will involve a calendar of exciting and inspirational events and activities throughout 2014. So whether you are Scottish or simply love Scotland, come to the home of Burns, Golf, Whisky, Enlightenment and Innovation. Come to the home of your ancestors, experience our living culture.

Homecoming Scotland is a Scottish Government initiative managed by EventScotland in partnership with VisitScotland.

Come Home!

It is intended that the programme for Homecoming Scotland will comprise four key strands of activity

Themed Events
A range of major events delivered throughout the year and part-funded by Homecoming Scotland via the Themed Events Programme.

Signature Events
A focused number of flagship events commissioned or identified by Homecoming Scotland, taking place on dates spread throughout the year.

Partner Events and Activity
A programme of events and activity being delivered by partner organisations that complement the aims and objectives of Homecoming Scotland.

Rolling Activity
A programme of relevant year-round activity taking place throughout the country.

More information will be available as the programme develops.

Sample a taste of Scotland right now by visiting my CD Page where you can watch a video of Auld Lang Syne or listen to the spoken word.

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