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1791 - 1793

Tam O' Shanter - published April 1791
The ale was growin' better
On Captain Grose
Epigram On Francis Grose The Antiquary
Elegy On The Late Miss Burnet Of Monboddo - sent to Alexander Cunningham, 23rd January
Epistle To John Maxwell, Esq., Of Terraughtie - sent February
To The Memory Of The Unfortunate Miss Burns
There'll Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Home
Out Over The Forth - probably March
Ye Flowery Banks - March
The Banks O' Doon (Ye banks and braes)
Epigram on Mr. James Gracie
The Song of Death - mentioned in letter (to Mrs. Dunlop), May
Address to the Shade of Thomson
On Some Commemorations of Thomson - Autumn
Lovely Davies
Lament for James, Earl Of Glencairn
Lines To Sir John Whitefoord, Bart
On Glenriddell's Fox Breaking His Chain
Lines to Captain Riddell
Reply to a Note from Captain Riddell
Grim Grizzell
To Robert Graham, Esq., of Fintry
William Smellie, A Sketch
Thou Gloomy December
Sae Far Awa
Ae Fond Kiss - December
There was Twa Wives - sent to Robert Cleghorn, about January
Saw Ye Bonie Lesley - August
Craigieburn Wood
Frae the Friends and Land I Love
Hughie Graham
John Come Kiss Me Now
Cock Up Your Beaver
My Tocher's the Jewel
Guidwife, Count the Lawin
What Can A Young Lassie Do Wi' An Auld Man
The Bonie Lad that's Far Awa
I do Confess thou art sae Fair
Galloway Tam
As I Cam Down by yon Castle Wa'
Lord Ronald my Son
I Hae Been At Crookieden
It is na, Jean, thy Bonie Face
My Eppie MacNab
Indeed Will I, Quo Findlay
Bonie Wee Thing - sent to Deborah Duff Davies, 6th April
Geordie - An Old Ballad
The Ploughman's Life
The Weary Pund O Tow
I Hae a Wife O My Ain
When She Cam Ben, She Bobbed
O, For Ane-And-Twenty Tam
O, Kenmure's on an awa, Willie
Bessy and her Spinnin Wheel
My Collier Laddie
The Shepherd's Wife
Johnie Blunt
The Country Lass
Fair Eliza
Ye Jacobites By Name
The Posie
Willie Wastle
Lady Mary Ann
Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation
Kellyburn Braes
Love for Love
The Slave's Lament
My Bonie Bell
The Gallant Weaver
Hey Ca' Thro
O, Can ye Labour Lea
The Deuk's Dang o'er my Daddie
As I Went out ae May Morning
She's Fair and Fause
The Deil's awa wi' th'exciseman - probably March
The Hue and Cry of John Lewars
Will ye go to the Indies, My Mary
My Wife's a Winsome Wee Thing - sent to Thomson, 8th November
Highland Mary
At the Globe Tavern, Dumfries
The Rights of Woman - probably November
Here's a Health to them that's awa
The Lea-Rig
Auld Rob Morris
Duncan Gray
Why Shouldna Poor Folk Mowe
While Prose-Work and Rhymes
The Tree of Liberty
Wandering Willie
Braw Lads O Galla Water - sent to Thomson, January
Poortith Cauld sent - to Thomson, January
Lord Gregory
On Hearing a Thrush Sing in his Morning Walk January
Epitaph For Mr Gabriel Richardson
On Commissary Goldie's Brains
On General Dumourier's Desertion
On The Commemoration of Rodney's Victory
Thanksgiving for a National Victory
Open The Door To Me Oh - sent to Thomson, April
Young Jessie - sent to Thomson, April
Farewell, Thou Stream
The Soldier's Return
Meg O The Mill - sent to Thomson, April
Blythe Hae I Been on yon Hill - sent to Lesley Baillie, May
Logan Braes
Epigram on Miss Davies
Epigram on a Country Laird - sent to Mrs. Dunlop, June
On Being Shown a Beautiful Country Seat July-August
Lines Inscribed in a Lady's Pocket Almanac
O, Were my Love
Bonie Jean
Epigrams against the Earl of Galloway
Epitaph on a Lapdog late July
Epigram on the Laird of Laggan
Phillis the Fair
Had I a Cave
Whistle An I'll Come to you, My Lad - sent to Thomson, August
Adown Winding Nith
By Allan Stream - about August
Come, Let me Take Thee - about August
Dainty Davie
Scots Wha Hae
Commemorative Stamps, Scots Wha Hae, bottom left
On Maria Riddell - believed August
As Down the Burn - commissioned August
Passion's Cry
The Primrose
Thou has left me ever, Jamie - sent to Thomson, September
Behold the Hour, the Boat, Arrive - first version sent to Clarinda, 27th December, 1791. Behold the Hour, the Boat, Arrive second version sent to Thomson, September, 1793
Where are the Joys? sent to Janet Miller of Dalswinton, 9th September
Epitaph on a Noted Coxcomb sent to Maria Riddell, October
Thine am I, Mv Faithful Fair
Bonie Mary - sent to Cleghorn, 25th October
Act Sederunt of the Session - A Scots Ballad
To Captain Gordon, On Being Asked Why I Was not to be of the Party with him and his Brother Kenmure At Syme's
On Mrs Riddell's Birthday - on 4th November
Address - sent to Louisa Fontenelle, 1st December
On seeing Miss Fontenelle in a Favourite Character
Husband, Husband, Cease your Strife

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